Lobster diver survives temporary entrapment inside whale’s mouth | CBC Information

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A industrial lobster diver who acquired caught within the mouth of a humpback whale off the coast of Cape Cod, Mass., on Friday morning stated he thought he was going to die.

Michael Packard, 56, of Wellfleet, Mass., informed WBZ-TV after he was launched from Cape Cod Hospital that he was about 14 metres deep within the waters off Provincetown, Mass., when “hastily I felt this large bump, and all the things went darkish.”

He thought he had been attacked by a shark, widespread in space waters, however then realized he couldn’t really feel any tooth and he wasn’t in any ache.

“Then I spotted, oh my God, I am in a whale’s mouth … and he is attempting to swallow me,” he stated. “And I believed to myself OK, that is it — I am lastly — I will die.” His ideas went to his spouse and youngsters.

He estimates he was within the whale’s mouth for about 30 seconds, however continued to breathe as a result of he nonetheless had his respiration equipment in.

Then the whale surfaced, shook its head, and spit him out. He was rescued by his crewmate within the floor boat.

Charles “Stormy” Mayo, a senior scientist and whale professional on the Middle for Coastal Research in Provincetown, informed the newspaper that such human-whale encounters are uncommon.

Humpbacks usually are not aggressive and Mayo thinks it was an unintended encounter whereas the whale was feeding on fish, probably sand lance.

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